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Friday, February 19, 2010

New Blog...

While I love blogger... I have found another Love... tumblr. It's THE best blog I've used yet.



Monday, January 18, 2010

For all those Facebookers....

Please take time to vote! It's free and it's for an amazing oranization.
here: http://bit.ly/7si7Be

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Heavy and Light

Thats all I have to say about this past weekend. Friday night I saw Aaron Gillespie in Plant City for FREE, Saturday was Heavy and Light, and today Church rocked.

Aaron is a man in the music world that I look up to and admire. He is an awesome example to all in the biz, and is an amazing man of God. He played a full set, spoke, had a guest speaker, and then went into a full blown worship service. Aaron lit a fire that night in Plant City and I can't wait to see it grow.

I saw Aaron play again Saturday night at H&L in addtion Bryce Avary, Steven Christiansen, Aaron Marsh, and Matt Kearney, along with many others. It was an accoustic show, and ohhh man, it was amazing. The speakers were awesome and really provoked you to think about your choices in life, and how to get help in times of need. Love is the Movement.
I don't know how many of you I've told, or Jill has told, but I being the "groupie" I am, sat outside the House of Blues for 6 hours in the freezing cold to get a front row spot. I was 6th in line, and ohh boy was I at the front! haha. The things I'll do for Bryce Avary and Aaron Gillespie :)
There was one point when I couldn't feel my feet they were so cold and numb that I got up to go to the bathroom while my friend held our spot and BAM Tiffany hit the ground because she couldn't feel her feet. I had to sit in the warmth of the bathroom for about 15 mins before I could even BEGIN to feel ANYTHING in my toes. But, I was a trooper and stuck it out. My face is wind burned, and so are my hands, but it was so worth it. here's some pictures from the front row that I edited on picnik.com

Thursday, December 31, 2009


haha, I just can't believe that 2009 is ending! I'm turning 18 on Sunday, Graduating in June, and starting classes as a full time college student in the fall... This is all just too weird... It's fun, but absolutely nuts!
I spent all this morning filling out scholarship stuff, and I'm just really hoping that they come through.
Another thing that I think is gonna be a challenge this year is my choice for the fast... yep, Tiffany is going vegetarian. :)
It should be interesting for me because, let me tell you, this homegirl is a carnevour!! That and the fact that I live with Curtis VanOrder, king of eating all thigs that can be killed and cooked. Haha ;)
I thought I knew my path in the college world, but in all the praying and thinking I've been doing, I'm not so sure anymore. There are so many things I would LOVE to do, but I know I'm not the most motovated person God ever created...ha! :) I know this is kinda a wait and see thing, but I am just too impaient, and I know what can happen if you pray for more. :) haha
AAAHHH!!!! Also, I'm going to HEAVY AND LIGHT on January 9th!!! I'm sooooo stoked!! It's a concert put on by the To Write Love On Her Arms foundation. TWLOHA is an orgnization that funds different types teen suicide prevention organizations. They partner up with bands (Whom most are Christian such as The Almost and The Rocket Summer) through out the year for different fundraisers, but Heavy and Light is the biggest and is only at the House Of Blues in Orlando. They sell tee shirts online and the profit goes to different places to help stop teen suicide in America.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Most you yall know what tomorrow is!
Haha! Well I'm very excited about it. I love the books, and I liked the first movie. The only problem I have with anything Twilight is the fact that people that once made fun of me and my friends for being into it are now LOVING it and act as if they've known about it all along. I just have to say that I was one of the few that had to wait a year or longer between each book, and I have always loved Stephanie Meyer.

But more so than that, is the fact that people out there that are in the "Church" are pulling people like me that love these books down and are acting like is the biggest sin. Well I don't persecute them for liking Harry Potter or LOTR. Which yes, I do enjoy those as well, but still! I think that it's rediculous that people are so self-rightous and hypocritical that they can call you out, but it's okay for them to like something that is just as bad or worse when it comes to a biblical stance. I think that Twilight is great, and so are HP and LOTR, but I know where I stand in my faith and I know when something isn't right. This is why I don't watch cirtain shows anymore, I used to love to watch Supernatural, but it got to the point where watching it just made my spirit aware that something there was demonic. I don't know about you, but I think that if a man is willing to keep his virginity for 110 years for merriage, I think that's pretty awesome. While yes, there are other things I don't agree with, overall I think it's harmless.

Monday, August 24, 2009

aww man...

My Michelle is going to be leaving for Flagler... sad panda, for sure!! I'm going to miss her so much I don't know what I'm going to do! I know that it's only like three hours away, but it's not like she's only ten minutes away either... She's my best friend, EVER, and wow, it kinda stinks. I know that It'll all work out in the end and we'll stay in touch, but you know...bleck...
Here's a picture of the most awesome trio EVER! haha-Michelle, David, and I!
It's a new tradition, any time the three of us are together we're going to take a trio picture...

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I went to Warped Tour Friday, and let me tell you, I don't think that i've ever had so much fun! It was an all day event (9:30-6) out at the Central Florida Fair Grounds. It was soo cool to be able to walk around and check out all my favorite bands, and even chill with them in their merch tents. I got to be front and center to one of my MAJORLY fave bands... Sing It Loud! I was right up to the bar, and directly infront of the lead singer Pat Brown! Later, I got to meet him and Nate Flynn the AMAZING bassist. I didn't realy get to chat with Pat, but Nate was really cool. Durring their set, because of the heat, he was wearing a pair of shorts that the band sells with their logo on them... excapt, these shorts are made for girls... LOL they were really short, but it was all good.

Their stage presence was awesome. I have real respect for a band that can put on a good show and are just genuinely good people. SIL seem to really want to talk with their fans. It was just really cool.

Haha, another person I got to meet again was Kyle Burns from Forever The Sickest Kids. He's such a cutie! FTSK, as always, put on a killer show! They have a new album comming out, and I can't wait!

I also got the pleasure of meeting the lead singer of Ice Nine Kills... I fixed his flip-flop with my hair tie... It was hilarious! He was grateful...lol walking around on hot concrete in floirda in the summer time doesn't feel too good i'm guessing... LOL!
Over all, it was DEFINAELY a good day!